I am sharing some great pictures showing our nail sticker decals. :)

All pictures are used with permission from respective owners with credit.

Credit:  "vitamins4mysoul"

 photo photo4-25.jpg

photo5-12 photo photo5-12-1_zps1c9109c4.jpg

 photo photo2-114.jpg

Credit:  "smithmomma"

 photo nailsauce_zps87d6f0b4.jpg

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 photo photo4-50.jpg

Credit:  "smudgethewienerdog"

 photo photo-1799.jpg
Each order comes with instruction.

This is me (ylbbjoy on IG) wearing Zoya Feifei and using mustache and dachshund nail sticker decals. :)

 photo IMG_9261.jpg 

Credit:  "pacificlin"

 photo photo1-126.jpg

 photo photo4-27.jpg

 photo photo3-55.jpg

 photo photo2-128.jpg

 photo photo3-54.jpg

 photo photo2-127.jpg

 photo photo1-125.jpg

And the full mani. Thumbs & pinkies are #nailsauce "Instant Brice", index & middle fingers are #cultnails "Power Thief", and ring fingers are #opi "A-Taupe the Space Needle" with nail decals from @ylbbjoy.

Credit:  Chit Chat Nails

 photo photo5-14.jpg

 photo photo4-29.jpg

 photo photo3-59.jpg

 photo photo2-132.jpg

 photo photo1-130.jpg

Credit:  lacquerloon

 photo 2aa05f2ad52e11e2971f22000a1f8c25_7.jpg

 photo a5a6d474dc4a11e2862522000a1f9c96_7.jpg

Credit:  "swishienails"

 photo photo1-1920.jpg

 photo photo2-260.jpg

Credit:  "glam_galzzz"

 photo photo3-109.jpg

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