Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sephora Rouge Balm VS Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

Hello again.  Long time no sharing any beauty items.  At least that's what it feel like to me.

I recently bought Sephora Rouge Balm in Subtle Peony 08.  After using this color first time this morning.  It reminded me of Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Poppy.  Poppy is their latest color and is described as deep pink red tint.  Both colors are very pretty and quite similar.

Both products are lip balms.  Both have SPF and are both tinted with colors.  Having used both, I think I like Sephora's Rouge Balm better than Fresh.

Why I like Rouge Balm?
Cheaper.  $12.5 VS $24
Moisturizing, yet not as soft as Fresh.  Sometimes it's hard to use Fresh when the weather is warm.  The lip balm gets soft with hot weather, making application very difficult.
Color displaying on the tube itself.

Why I like Fresh lip treatment?
Lots of color choices.
Moisturizing, but like I mentioned above, the lippie itself is softer.  Especially when the weather is warm, it will become VERY soft.
A few finishes.  Some have shimmer and sort of glittery.
Color displaying on the tube itself.

 photo IMG_3799_zpsams8dqvp.jpg 

As you can see, the color is quite similar.  Both are applied back and forth about 2 times.

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