Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sephora Rouge Balm Bashful Beige

Turns out I have bought another one that I haven't open yet.  I bought it right after I decided that Mild Plum is "too much" for me.  Ha.  Now I love it, so whatever.

This is 07 Bashful Beige.  Definitely a more wearable YLBB-ish color.  Love the color, the texture, the pigmentation, the moisturization.  They call it "balm", but I would call it a balm-lipstick hybrid.  The tube matches the color of the lippie itself and it has the Sephora "S" on the lippie itself as well.  The casing does not say the name at all.  There are additional information on the inner casing (see photo), but it only identify the name in number only, not the actual name. 

Bottom  line:  I love this product.  It's very nice.

 photo IMG_2519_zpszphwmpdt.jpg

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