Thursday, August 11, 2016


We are back to stickers again. :)

I now have a relatively large clip art collection.  Especially with dog breeds. :)  Specifically dachshunds. :D  I can make many different kind of stickers, including address label.  So contact me if you are interested in custom work.

This is my latest "business card". :)  This time we featured a book related sticker, an orchid, BB8, raccoon with an ice cream cone, a cup of tea, some beauty products and 3 Gigi stickers.  I always include at least 1 Gigi in my thank you gift (aka:  business card).  Oh and our little logo.  I shrinked it a bit too much, so you can't really see the name on the body.  Oh well.  This little sheet has a lot of things I like.
 photo IMG_1988_zpsns7qjmwn.jpg

I also really enjoy this Dachshund Rocks stickers. :) Because it's the truth!
 photo IMG_1924_zpsvrbzaqxc.jpg

A cute photo
 photo IMG_1973_zpshkapxvjf.jpg

The photo was taken in 2005.  This was I believe the first agility photo that was captured on the camera.  She was so young then and already so good and in love with doing agility.  I didn't realized this was also the photo I sent to Lili so she could do some illustration for me (see the drawing there and how cute and accurate it is!).  I looooooooooooove it.

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