Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New stickers

I have been having fun making all these stickers.  They are available in the shop.  I hope you like.  Nail sticker decals are taking a break right now.

"I Heart Dog" Series

 photo IMG_0543_zpszdd20z6q.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_zpsgszkc7fu.jpg

 photo IMG_0541_zps2jmmnm45.jpg

 photo IMG_0540_zps2bsumihp.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_zpsmbpy4tk1.jpg

 photo IMG_0537_zpshej2nm5r.jpg

 photo IMG_0538_zpsjbbylj1i.jpg

"Fun in backyard" Series

 photo IMG_0536_zps1kg71cjy.jpg

 photo IMG_0535_zpsvxxwxtia.jpg

 photo IMG_0534_zpsq7utae1k.jpg

 photo IMG_0533_zpsvcwj0t6k.jpg

The stickers below are not for sale, I just made them for myself and want to share the cuteness.

 photo IMG_0545_zpsiiwa1d7c.jpg

 photo IMG_0544_zpsao49autv.jpg

 photo IMG_0547_zpsosfew0po.jpg

 photo IMG_0546_zpst8kir0zz.jpg

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