Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Recent favorites

Here are my current favorites.  I try to only includes items that are not mentioned in previous posts.  Enjoy!

Planner stuff:
I do not have many new ones I haven’t share, so here are the favorite that I have not share before.
  • Chic Sparrow Mr Darcy Deluxe in Pocket size.  I actually ordered this wrong.  I was going to order it in Personal size.  But turned out I still really like this size and I got a Personal size one from another place.  The Pocket size is perfect for me to take on the go.  I can still decorate if I want to.
  • Silhouette Portrait.  This purchase took me a long time to decide and research.  And I love it.   I have been making stickers everyday since I have received it.  Amazing!

Health/Beauty stuff

  • I have not try anything new.  I did have a few lippies, but I don't have anything that is a big wow.  I do enjoy Covergirl Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Lip Balm.  The colors I like are Soda, Caramel and Gum Drop.  I did a comparison/review between this and Fresh Sugar lip balm too.


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