Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photo dump

Long time no post.  Here is a post with lots of photos. :)

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  Went to my uncle's house.  Gigi was invited and she was very well behaved.  I am so proud of my sausage. :D

 photo IMG_8287_zpsdgvsmbqp.jpg
My cutie pie and a new dachshund necklace.

 photo IMG_8270_zpsgy0yohao.jpg

Forcing kisses on the baby. ;)

 photo IMG_8231_zpsx8u1mu4r.jpg
Gigi stickers and other stickers too. I love having Gigi stickers.

 photo IMG_8172_zpsc4wof7fi.jpg
My baby grow up so fast!

 photo IMG_8170_zpsaw47zj3q.jpg
Love this.

 photo IMG_8165_zpsoyyfihby.jpg

 photo IMG_8156_zpslrzb8fms.jpg
Gigi stickers.

 photo IMG_8113_zps7ava3e9k.jpg
My new Fresh lip balm. This is Plum and it is sheer and I actually like this a lot. I like their bold colors, but I actually reach for the sheer ones more, like this and the rose one.

 photo IMG_8097_zpszp3vbioo.jpg
An amazing photo I took.

 photo IMG_7856_zps9fjouffh.jpg
She made me laugh. :D

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