Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New lip balms

Some new lippies.  Here are some of the new ones I have acquired.

 photo IMG_5198_zpsd56b9628.jpg
Used one of my Epically Epic lip balm in Chocolate Malt (which I don't see in her shop, I believe it was a LE item). One of my last batch was greasy... but luckily this batch is not. So I am liking her lip balms again. :D  And I like their new designs.  A few of my old favorites from them are Vanilla Latte lip tint (a nude yummy tint), Hot Cocoa, Black Raspberry Chocolate Rose (my very own custom scent).

 photo IMG_5209_zps9fe12282.jpg
And I got 2 new lip balms from Nerdtastic, which I heard from Balmaholic.  I have only bought 2: Butter Beer (Harry Potter) and Psych You Out Pineapple (Psych).  I love both shows, hence my selections.  There are others I'd like to try, but I thought I would make a small purchase first before I bought 349273598 tubes. ;)  I haven't try them yet.  But their packaging/labels are totally cute.

What are your new purchases?

A mini update on the Nerdtastic Psych You Out Pineapple.  I opened it today and it smells pretty good and the texture is quite nice.  Not too greasy nor waxy.  It is not a vegan lip balm and you can see the ingredients on the label.  However, I do not like the pour.  As you can see, it's a dip (not sure how you would call it), so it makes the initial application more difficult.  But other than that the lip balm is quite nice.

 photo IMG_5232_zps5c41dab5.jpg

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