Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Revisiting Secret Sauce

How do you like these 2 for 1 post?  A nail polish and a lipstick/lip balm?  I kind of like it.

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Repainted my nails last night.  My application sucks this time.  Not sure if this is operator error (me) or technical difficulty (polish, top coat?).  Technically I didn't use any "top coat", because the top coat I used is actually just a fast drying clear polish, but it's already shrinking.  Or I could be scratching too much?   But I don't remember doing that.  So who knows.

What I used:
Base coat:  OPI Nail Envy-2 coats
Base color:  Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris-1 coat
Top color:  Enchanted Polish Secret Sauce-2 coats (I am not sure if they still sell it).
Top coat:  NYC in a New York Color Minute Nail Polish in Grand Central Station.-2 coats

I haven't use Secret Sauce for a long time.  I remember when it was first released, everyone went crazy.  But now these shifting nail polish is way more easily available and is not even "the trend".  The thing about nail polish is when there is a new "finish" in the market, if you are willing to wait a bit, you will get what you want eventually, because every maker will be selling them in different shape, form and size, and there are a lot of different amazing polish seller.  This polish shifts from burgundy to green.  With burgundy being the main color.

 photo IMG_4651_zps85e05bd4.jpg
This is another shot of the nails which you can see the color shifts [slightly] better. :)

Also featuring Gerard Cosmetics 1995.  I have reviewed it before briefly here. It is a nice color, I can "see" how it is a 90's color.  The formula is a bit drying, so I would suggest a lip balm before application.  Nouveaucheap did a great review here too.  The packaging is similar to MAC's lipstick, but this feels a bit cheap.  The price is not that great either, so I would totally wait for coupon code to get anything (go to their IG to look for them or YouTuber).

 photo IMG_4656_zpsb637df1f.jpg
Here is a comparison swatch of 1995 and Touch of Spice.  They are similar, but Touch of Spice is more pink IMO.  But a good alternative, and TOS feels more moisturizing and much cheaper!!!

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