Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Recent favorites

A glimpse of some of what I have been enjoying...

In no particular order...

TV shows/movies

  • Big Hero 6-So cute and heart warming.  Love it.  It is on my iPad.
  • Catching Killers-I am fascinated by all these techniques that helps to catch killers.
  • 3rd Rock From The Sun-LOL funny.  Great to watch when you want a good laugh and not to have to think too much.
  • Crimes Of The Century CNN-Again, I am wow-ed by all these crimes.  
  • Dan Detective School-love the books and the animation.


  • iPad Air 2-I bought it just before the release of Air 3.  Oh well, I still love it.  Use it everyday.  It is especially useful that I have ios 8 and I can also do my text on the iPad.  Also use it to do Facebook, watch Netflix and YouTube.  So convenient.  I don't even turn on my lap top everyday any more.
  • iPhone 5S-Similar to my iPad when I am out and about.  
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4-Like a mini iPad, but not as great (LOL).  I now use it at work for my Kindle and I can also watch movies from it if I decided to do so.


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