Monday, April 27, 2015

My Gerard Cosmetics lipstick collection

I received 2 more Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks (used a coupon, so it is 2 for $20 including s/h) and I decided to swatch all the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks I own. :)

 photo IMG_4998_zpsa3d4941a.jpg
Nude is my least favorite one  (the color does not go with my skin tone) and I am going to rehome that.  Underground is a interesting color, which I am learning to get used to.  Most of them are not drying upon application, except 1995.  It drags a bit... but the others are nice.  Just be sure to put a lip balm first.  It is nice to always put a lip balm before wearing lipsticks, IMO.

 photo IMG_5008_zpsfcd246dd.jpg
And these are all of my berry lipsticks.  Sugar Plum is not a true berry, but berry enough and all these are lovely.

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