Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's available in our shop

Here is all the decals that are available in our shop at the moment.  The bottom pic showing the measurement.  All decals are already packaged and ready to ship.  Happy shopping!

decals-all-500-2 photo 6ea4afed-711a-4932-96c3-6187c271e3f8.jpg

decals-all-500 photo 6e32bfb7-ac49-49a3-9dcc-4f95fba08bc3.jpg

Here is a pic of me using some of the decals.
 photo photo-1101.jpg

My current manicure with the decals. Base color is Pure Platinum from Silly Lily.  Disco ball on my nails! And Chilli, the Doctor, Gigi and mustache on my nails too.

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