Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vinyl nail sticker decals tutorial

Dachshund vinyl nail sticker decals will be available in my shop very soon, so I thought I would share "officially" how to apply them.  They are very easy.  Unlike water decal, you don't need water and they last on your nails longer.

How I did my nails with nail sticker decals.

  • Apply base coat and/or base color.
  • Using a tweezers, pick up a sticker and position it on your dried nail.
  • Press it on your dried nail when you are satisfied with the position, make sure all sides are flat on the nails.
  • Seal the design with a top coat.  I recommend Gelous, then topped with fast drying top coat.
  • Admire your nails.
This tutorial is using nail sticker decal.


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